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  2. This service may not be used to transmit anything that could be found law-breaking, pornographic or is deemed inappropriate by Xat.com.
    1. Please See Xat's Terms Of Service as well as reading ours.
  3. You may NOT
    1. Disrupt use of the service.
    2. Attempt to exploit any part of the service.
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  4. LP89
    1. Does not guarantee that everybody will use the service properly.
    2. Reserves the right to moderate and monitor the service.
    3. Reserves the right to terminate your use of the service at any time for any reason.
    4. Reserves the right to modify, view, edit, delete: users, and bots without any notice.
    5. Reserves the right to change the terms of service without any notice.
  5. Xat Accounts
    1. You are responsible for the security of your account. We take no responsibility for anybody stealing your account, or any portion of it.
  6. Bot Accounts
    1. If you are renting your bot to people (letting users pay to use it for a destined amount of time), You will be deemed as breaking our terms, and your account will be terminated with your id blocked from buying bots.
  7. Donations
    1. Are non-refundable.
    2. Go towards the continued operation of this website/service.
  8. Refunds
    1. LP89 is NOT responsible for refunds, if you would like to stop using our service, but we do not give refunds.
    2. If you go to another bot provider and request a refund you will be DENIED.
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    1. LP89 use cookies for the site working and for analytics reasons. We don't use 3rd part cookies for advertising reasons but only for this website statistic.
      Only 1 exception for facebook in home page Facebook privacy here

      - __cfduid: cookie for security of site to avoid hacking attempts
      - lingua: the language of the site
      - userlog: cookie to allow users being logged in the site
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