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UserReg (ID)RankStaffNote
Lp89TiAmo (243576431)Main OwnerBot creatorThe best in the world
KarmenforeverTerryfiore (177318342)Main ownerHelperShe's very old but no one know real age. Someone suppose 2000 years (she say 1900)
SorbyFiLippoSorby (398207054)OwnerThe older helperHe is born when dinosaurs was already existing
Radiojarani1BmwDisigner (1485576647)OwnerHelperHe is not a car, he is a very good helper
Iderider (8888)OwnerHelperHe never sleep, he never die, he never eat. Is he human? Very good helper
Fernando5Lindishkoder (1499777755)OwnerHelperWho is he? I don't know. A ghost? A killer? Just kidding. He is a very good helper
EuroiRoomTrade (466650102)OwnerHelperHe's not money, probably in an old life he was dollars. Now is one of my better helpers
Aon7A0N1 (1010240)ModHelperHe is from thailand, not a muay-thai expert but a very good helper

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